Stig I have been a member of the committee under the UN CRPD since January 1, 2010.

It is my belief that I have delivered good and valuable inputs to the work of the committee.

It is my understanding and belief that the work of the committee makes a change in relation to the understanding of and implementation/incorporation of the UN CRPD in the State Parties that has ratified the UN CRPD.

It is important to know that the committee through its work is creating jurisprudence regarding the understanding of the UN CRPD.

From my perspective it is clearly important that the members of the committee reflects qualifications regarding various kinds of impairments to be able to tackle the social created barriers preventing persons with disabilities from participating in ordinary activities on equal foot - be included in society on equal terms.

Through my more than 40 years being a person with a spinal cord injury using an electric wheelchair and having an independent living scheme, round-the-clock, I know a lot about being a person with a disability myself.

Through the 14 years (2000-2014) I was the chairperson of DPOD which is the common political umbrella organization representing all kinds of impairments in Denmark. Because of this position I know a lot about their perceptions and experiences that other groups of persons with disabilities experience in their daily struggle to become included in society on equal terms.

Stig Langvad